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Oct 2, 2012 11:00pm EDT
california promoted his new book "total call" tonight. >> if i have to answer these questions now or if i answer them later on, i might as well just answer them now. >> reporter: the book is more than 6 h00 pages in length. >> it's problem that i created. it was totally my fault. it was no one else's fault and therefore i have to face up to it. >> i mean, you know, cheating is the fwbiggest insult. you know, clinton did it. a lot of men in power did it. >> reporter: but other fans didn't seem phased by the elephant in the room. >> i think he's done a lot of valuable movies, politics and made a lot of krixzs. >> i'm a lifelong fan. >> ray lamede says his expectations for the night were pretty shot. >> he came out and his handlerings were like let's go, you've go t to move. >> he and his body were the first in line for the famous john hancock. >> very cold. he didn't acknowledge us. >> love him or hate him, most people will say he will always be the govenator. >> american airlines is now explaining what led to some scary moments for some passengers when their seats came loose in the middle
Oct 1, 2012 11:00pm EDT
developing story in california. at least 20 people have been injured after a big rig slammed into an amtrak train south of fresno. police say the truck driver failed to yield at a railroad crossing. the impact pushed two passenger cars on the train off the tracks. there were 169 passengers on board. the truck driver was not seriously hurt. and a dangerous situation for a woman on metro when her motorized skooter malfunctioned. now she's asking metro to install guardrails. karen jones says her scooter began running in circles. the scooter threw her on to the tracks. >> and i was hollering. i was like somebody help me, please. but could nobody catch the chair. and when the chair stopped, bam. it stthrew me over on the track. >> safety is their number one priority, but they say guardrails would block access and could be a safety hazard by causing people to trip. >> broken seats, cancelled flights, emergency landings. things are not looking good for american airlines. shomari stone at national airport now where more on what's at stake for the nation's third largest carrier. >> reporter:
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2